When renovating or decorating the home, walls are one of the first things homeowners like to change. There are many wallpapers and paints available, but textured wallpaper is often overlooked as an option. If you’re looking for something a little different, it can be used to create stunning effects.

Textured wallpaper adds character to the room and creates a bold statement, perfect for a feature wall. Some styles even replicate the look of exposed walls, a feature usually found in the trendiest of homes.

At Chapel Interiors, we stock high-quality textured wallpaper from leading designer brands. Read on to see just some of the styles we have available online and in-store.


From unique wall effects to elegant prints, Zoffany’s textured wallpaper will suit any home.

The Lustre Tile collection has an urban, industrial-inspired look, giving the illusion of an exposed wall. Available in varying tones, this distressed wallpaper offers alternative style which looks incredible when paired with brighter paint. The design is printed on metallic foil with lustrous layers of inks, boasting a crackle glaze on the surface.

Lustre Tile Zoffany Wallpaper

For softer, subtler designs, Zoffany’s collection in Watered Silk looks just how it’s described. Available in a neutral colour range, the style complements a feature wall perfectly. Or, it can be used as the focus wall in minimalistic rooms. Alternatively, the Sisal Stripe Linen collection layers textured yarns to create a distinctive stripe design, offering understated style.

Add a glamourous touch to your living area with the Mosaic Dapple collection, which uses small overlapping squares, ink and a mosaic emboss to give the illusion of tiny glass fragments.

Today Interiors

Today Interiors has a range of unique textured wallpapers to complement various interior trends. Offering both unique and realistic designs, there’s a style to suit all tastes.

The Super Natural Flow collection offers contemporary design in a varied range of patterns. Made using natural materials, some of the wallpaper designs give off raised 2D and 3D effects. Opt for wallpaper in the style of bricks or tiles to revamp the whole look of your home.

The contemporary Zaniah collection is perfect for creating an industrial interior style. Available in a range of neutral colours and tones, this design provides lustrous 2D and 3D effects to give the look of an exposed stone wall. Add character to your room without the effort and cost of adjusting your home’s foundation.

Get Scandinavian-inspired style in your home with the Arctic Fever collection. Our top pick is style 39032 which creates the look of a wooden lodge cabin, giving your home a wintery, cosy feel. The other designs ooze minimalistic elegance - perfect for the modern home.

Today Interiors Artic Fever Wallpaper


Harlequin is known for their innovative designs, colours and textures. If you’re looking for something classy but with character, the Metaphor collection is a great choice. The feathered fabric wallpaper has a repeating ombre pattern, which has the appearance of reflective metal from a distance.

Try Something Different

Aside from textured wallpaper being stunning and unique, one of its biggest advantages is that it helps hide imperfections. It also takes minimum effort for maximum results, especially in designs which provide realistic effects.

Next time you decorate your home, it’s well worth considering textured wallpaper. Not quite ready to take the plunge? Order a wallpaper sample from our extensive product range.