Creating the right atmosphere in your home office is more important than you might think. The style needs to be practical while inspiring you and aiding concentration. Although it can be a tricky task, we’ve shared a few of our top tips to help you create a productive workspace.

Prioritise Comfort

Your choice of office desk and chair should reflect your working habits. Are you sending emails at the weekend, or cultivating your genius into the early hours?

If you use your office more casually, then you can indulge in a little style-over-substance. But, if you’re putting in longer shifts, you’ll need something practical. Go for something classic like a fixed leather chair and a desk with plenty of drawers to hide away your files. Storage space and ergonomic features may not sound glamorous, but they could save you from clutter and discomfort.

Get creative and revive an older wooden desk by painting it with a suitable formula, for example, Paint and Paper Library’s Clean White paint in an oil-based eggshell finish.

Accessorise Your Desk

Complimenting your desk with the right kit is essential. Be sure to stay stocked up on pen pots, file organisers and notepads; the ability to write down your thoughts quickly will avoid breaking your working pattern. Decorative touches like small plants will also make your desk look more put together.

Comfortable Office Design

Add a Splash of Colour

Wall decor is key to setting the mood. The colours, shades, patterns and textures you choose will influence your energy and concentration levels.

According to world-renowned psychologist Angela Wright, stronger, brighter colours are more stimulating, while lower saturation is more soothing. Try a vivid feature wall to boost your creativity, using standout wallpaper or jewel-toned paint. Or, for zen-like concentration, try a light, muted shade like Pale Berlin from Little Greene. Why not order some colour charts to see which shade suits the room best?

Wall accessories are a great way to fill blank space. A pinboard or hanging chalkboard can add depth and colour to the wall along with being a great practical addition. Meanwhile, photographs of family and friends will add a personal touch to the room and provide an all-important source of motivation.

Light It Up

Lighting can make or break a home office. Avoid working under the direct glare of overhead lights to prevent tiring out your eyes – always opt for more natural lighting if possible. Lamps and lampshades are must-haves to scatter light across the walls and ceiling, creating a soothing ambience.

Choose a lamp that suits your taste in interior style. If you like to keep it classic, a table lamp with an adjustable head will add a timeless quality to the room. For a contemporary look, try industrial-style designs to add cutting-edge style to your home office.

Use Practical Storage Options

To add the finishing touches to a stylish and practical home office, include handy storage shelves and boxes to keep the room clutter-free. Floating shelves offer a convenient and space-saving option, while drawers are perfect for filing documents. Match these to your walls and furniture, or even use a contrasting shade for a modern pop of colour.

A productive home office requires you to adapt the space to suit your specific needs. An office that’s both visually pleasing and functional will boost your productivity. What are you waiting for?