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The Sanderson Paint Range from Chapel Interiors

Sanderson Paint Stockist

Sanderson produce the largest range of designer paint in the industry, with a palette of 1352 gorgeous colours to choose from. All paints have been created to work together with Sanderson wallpapers, and the entire range has been manufactured in Sanderson's eco friendly manufacturing plant. Sanderson paints are available in vinyl matt, vinyl soft sheen, water based acrylic eggshell and oil based gloss eggshell.

Click on a colour shade for more information, available finishes and pricing.
Abbey Grey 23-23M
Abbey White (5) 6-19P
Absinthe Yellow 3-18D
Acorn Brown 48-12D
Admiral 22-24D
Aegean Blue 29-28T
Aero Blue (116) 30-19P
Afton 41-21P
Afton Lt (49) 41-20P
Airlane Blue 28-13P
Aleutian 25-3P
Aleutian Lt 25-2P
Algae Green 42-11M
Algerian Red 15-30T
Algerian Red Lt 15-29T
Alluring Violet 22-16M
Almond Cream 11-1P
Almond Pink 16-13P
Almond Shell (18) 5-22M
Alpine Mist 46-1P
Amaranth Rose 18-21P
Amaranth Rose Lt 18-20P
Amber Coral 11-22M
Amberlight 7-19P
Amberoid 14-16M
Amethyst 22-4M
Amsterdam Green (66) 43-32T
Amsterdam Green Lt 43-31T
Andean Grey 44-24D
Angel Face 18-13P
Angelic Blue 27-7P
Antique Coral 12-18D
Antoinette 22-5M
Apache Beige 52-9P
Apache Beige Lt 52-8P
Apollo Grey 45-9P
Apollo Grey Lt 45-8P
Apricot Cream 11-3P
Apricot Cream Lt 11-2P
Apricot Dawn 12-3P
Apricot Dawn Lt 12-2P
Apricot Queen 12-4M
April Bud 37-16M
Aqua Grey 30-4M
Aqua Wisp 33-21P
Aqua Wisp Lt 33-20P
Arroyo Brown 52-6D
Aspen Yellow 7-5M
Astral Blue 29-7P
Atlantic 30-29T
Atlantic Blue 28-28T
Atlantic Blue Lt 28-27T
Autumn Bronze 5-30T
Autumn Bronze Lt 5-29T
Autumn Haze 3-21P
Autumn Haze Lt 3-20P
Autumn Mist 42-1P
Autumn Orange 8-30T
Autumn Orange Lt 8-29T
Autumn Smoke 48-4M
Autumn Tan (80) 6-22M
Aztec Gold 6-28Y
Aztec Gold Lt 6-27Y
Azurite Blue 25-7P
Baby Blue Eyes 27-9P
Baby Blue Eyes Lt 27-8P
Baby's Breath 17-9P
Baby's Breath Lt 17-8P
Bagdad Grey 44-17M
Bahama Coral 11-18D
Bali Green 36-17M
Balmy Green 38-15P
Balmy Green Lt 38-14P
Bamboo Beige 4-10M
Bardot Red 20-5M
Barely Beige (9) 52-7P
Bark Moss 42-28T
Baskerville 20-30T
Basque Brown 6-24D
Bastile 46-24D
Battlement 47-6D
Beach Beige (35) 52-3P
Beach Plum 21-24D
Beach Tan (11) 5-10M
Beige Pink 9-19P
Beige Shadow (24) 4-16M
Belle Pink 18-7P
Bellflower 24-10M
Bengal Red (90) 17-30T
Bengal Red Lt 17-29T
Bermuda Sky 28-23M
Bermuda Tan 51-21P
Bermuda Tan Lt 51-20P
Beryl Green 35-16M
Bilberry 21-32T
Birch White (28) 47-9P
Birch White Lt (37) 47-8P
Biscay Green 41-17M
Bit-o'-Sunshine 7-4M
Bitter Green 1-24D
Bitter Lime 39-28Y
Bitter Lime Lt 39-27Y
Bitter Plum 20-28T
Bitter Plum Lt 20-27T
Black Pearl 44-6D
Black Plum 21-31T
Blackberry Cream 19-16M
Blackened 46-30T
Blackened Lt 46-29T
Blanket Blue 24-32T
Blossom Pink 17-21P
Blossom Pink Lt 17-20P
Blossomtime 15-15P
Blossomtime Lt 15-14P
Blue Clay 118
Blue Clay 45-4M
Blue Daisy 25-15P
Blue Daisy Lt 25-14P
Blue Day 24-15P
Blue Day Lt 24-14P
Blue Delight 26-10M
Blue Flag Iris 27-10M
Blue Flash 27-22M
Blue Icing 27-3P
Blue Icing Lt 27-2P
Blue Jay 26-5M
Blue Knight 45-17M
Blue Moon 26-26T
Blue Quartz 26-13P
Blue Ribbon 27-16M
Blue Streak 26-16M
Blue Turquoise 29-27T
Blue Velvet 24-24D
Blue Violet 24-26T
Blue Violet Lt 24-25T
Blue Vista 28-21P
Blue Vista Lt 28-20P
Blueberry 24-31T
Blush Yellow 11-4M
Bold Orchid 21-26T
Bold Orchid Lt 21-25T
Bongo Brown (83) 10-24D
Bonnie Blue 26-9P
Bonnie Blue Lt 26-8P
Bonton 25-21P
Bonton Lt 25-20P
Bonze Olive Lt 4-27T
Boot Black 23-32T
Boulder Blue 20-17M
Boulder White (27) 47-1P
Bountiful 37-17M
Bowling Green 37-31T
Boy Blue 26-15P
Boy Blue Lt 26-14P
Brazen Yellow 75
Brick 10-30T
Brick Lt 10-29T
Brick Pink 16-22M
Brier Rose 17-16M
Bright Olive 1-30Y
Bright Olive Lt 1-29Y
Bright Peach 11-11M
Bright Sun 1-5M
Brilliant Orange 12-26Y
Brilliant Orange Lt 12-25Y
Brimstone 16-30T
Brimstone Lt 16-29T
Brioche 11-26Y
Brioche Lt 11-25Y
British Brown 51-11M
Broncho (52) 4-17M
Bronze 10-28T
Bronze Brown 52-32T
Bronze Brown Lt 52-31T
Bronze Gold 7-30T
Bronze Gold Lt 7-29T
Bronze Lt 10-27T
Bronze Mum 11-32T
Bronze Mum Lt 11-31T
Bronze Olive 4-28T
Bronzetone 11-24D
Bubble Green 37-13P
Buffy Orange 9-5M
Burma 10-18D
Burn Black 46-26T
Burn Black Lt 46-25T
Burnt Almond 8-32T
Burnt Almond Lt 8-31T
Burnt Coral 12-24D
Burnt Oak 48-32T
Butte Orange 10-12D
Buttercup Yellow 7-26Y
Buttercup Yellow Lt 7-25Y
Butterfly Blue 25-9P
Butterfly Blue Lt 25-8P
Butternut 8-28Y
Butternut Lt 8-27Y
Byron Blue 28-11M
Cachi 7-27Y
Cadet Blue 25-18D
Cadet Grey 46-4M
Cafe Pink 15-21P
Cafe Pink Lt 15-20P
Cajun 24-6D
Cameo White (8) 4-7P
Candy Apple Green 2-18D
Candy Floss 16-7P
Canopy Green (63) 41-24D
Capirinha 41-26T
Caprice 49-17M
Caramellow 9-28T
Caramellow Lt 9-27T
Cardinal Red 17-28T
Cardinal Red Lt 17-27T
Caribbean Blue (119) 31-23M
Carmen 18-26T
Carmen Lt (89) 18-25T
Carrot Red 9-12D
Carrousel Red 16-28R
Carrousel Red Lt 16-27R
Casablanca 10-23M
Cashmere 7-22M
Cathay Brown 52-10M
Cathedral Blue 25-23M
Celestial Grey (104) 45-7P
Cerise Pink 18-12D
Ceylon Blue 27-28T
Ceylon Blue Lt 27-27T
Chalk Blue 28-7P
Charcoal Green 42-12D
Chateau Grey 39
Chatham Green (62) 41-23M
Cherry Glow 18-5M
Cheshire Green 33-32T
Cheshire Green Lt 33-31T
Chestnut Brown 51-24D
Chic Green 37-5M
Chic Pink 18-16M
Chimneysweep Grey 44-23M
China Pink 15-17M
Chinese Bronze 2-12D
Chinese Yellow 3-26Y
Chinese Yellow Lt 3-25Y
Chocolate 5-32T
Chocolate Lt 5-31T
Christmas Green 35-30T
Cinnamon Toast 52-18D
Citron Grey 2-15P
Citron Grey Lt 2-14P
Citron Yellow 6-26Y
Citron Yellow Lt 6-25Y
Claret 18-18D
Claret 18-32T
Clearly Pink 17-1P
Clementime 8-26Y
Cloudy Amber 4-3P
Cloudy Amber Lt 4-2P
Clove Pink 16-17M
Clove Rose 9-23M
Clover 18-19P
Cochise 14-17M
Coconut Bisque 52-13P
Coffee Tone (36) 52-4M
Coke Grey 44-28T
Coke Grey Lt 44-27T
Colonial Green 33-23M
Colonial Yellow 3-3P
Colonial Yellow Lt 3-2P
Columbine 25-22M
Concord 23-18D
Congo Pink 10-19P
Congo Red 15-24D
Cool Olive 41-11M
Copen Blue 27-25T
Copper Red 10-26T
Copper Red Lt 10-25T
Copper Tone (82) 8-24D
Coquette 21-21P
Coquette Lt 21-20P
Coral Blush 13-21P
Coral Blush Lt 13-20P
Coral Dawn 11-7P
Coral Mist 11-13P
Coral Red 13-23M
Coral Shadow (85) 14-21P
Coral Shadow Lt 14-20P
Coralette 9-1P
Coralglow 11-17M
Cornish Blue 28-30T
Cosmic Grey 45-1P
Cossack 46-18D
Cotillion Blue 27-23M
Cotton Candy 12-16M
Countryside 38-17M
Courgette 41-28T
Coverlet 28-9P
Coverlet Lt 28-8P
Crag Grey (54) 47-12D
Crayon Blue 28-18D
Cream Puff 6-21P
Cream Puff Lt (79) 6-20P
Creamy Yellow 8-4M
Creige Lt 103
Creme de Violette 20-10M
Crescent Yellow 1-6Y
Crimson Maple 17-18D
Crisp Blue 27-21P
Crisp Blue Lt 27-20P
Crushed Violet 22-22M
Crystal Bay 28-12D
Crystal Grey (26) 46-19P
Crystal Palace (59) 42-23M
Crystal Pink 9-13P
Crystal Turquoise 33-9P
Crystal Turquoise Lt 33-8P
Cuban Orange 11-12D
Curry Yellow (74) 3-16M
Cyclades Green 34-23M
Dahlia 22-10M
Dame Pink 21-15P
Dame Pink Lt 21-14P
Damsel 17-3P
Damsel Lt 17-2P
Danbury (113) 30-17M
Dandelion 1-26Y
Dandelion Lt 1-25Y
Dasheen 30-15P
Dasheen Lt 30-14P
Dauphin 22-6D
Dawn Blue 45-15P
Dawn Blue Lt (111) 45-14P
Dawn Grey 45-19P
Dazzle Blue 26-17M
Debutante 24-13P
Deep Lagoon 33-11M
Deep Lilac 23-26T
Deep Lilac Lt 23-25T
Deep Purple 22-28T
Deep Purple Lt 22-27T
Deep Sea 30-30T
Deep Space 22-32T
Deep Space Lt 22-31T
Delicacy 22-3P
Delicacy Lt 22-2P
Delight 24-3P
Delight Lt 24-2P
Deluxe 49-6D
Den 48-26T
Den Lt 47
Desert Cloud 48-19P
Desert Gold (73) 3-9P
Desert Gold Lt 3-8P
Desert Green 42-10M
Desert Lime 1-18Y
Desert Palm 41-31T
Desert Sun 8-17M
Devon Midnight 45-30T
Devon Midnight Lt 45-29T
Dewberry 46-27T
Dogwood Green 30-6D
Dome Blue 27-24D
Dorset Midnight 26-30T
Dorset Night 26-29T
Double Chocolate 17-32T
Double Chocolate Lt 17-31T
Dove Blue (112) 45-16M
Dreamland 30-1P
Dresden Green 37-3P
Dresden Green Lt 37-2P
Driftwood Grey 42-15P
Driftwood Grey Lt (57) 42-14P
Du Barry 19-18D
Duffle Green 43-26T
Dulcy 20-9P
Dulcy Lt 20-8P
Dusky Orchid 18-23M
Dusky Rose (99) 49-4M
Dusky White (31) 4-13P
Dusty Copper 12-17M
Dusty Green 38-21P
Dusty Green Lt 38-20P
Dusty Lilac (106) 23-22M
Dusty Orange 9-11M
Dusty Peach 12-19P
Dusty Red 15-19P
Dusty Yellow 3-22M
Early Dawn 44-15P
Early Dawn Lt 44-14P
Early Rose 16-9P
Early Rose Lt 16-8P
Easter Egg 23-5M
Ebony Grey 44-32T
Ebony Grey Lt 44-31T
Echo Blue 26-21P
Echo Blue Lt 26-20P
Eclat 20-11M
Eel Grey 47-26T
Eel Grey Lt 47-25T
Eggplant (108) 46-12D
Eldorado 11-23M
Elegance 21-11M
Emerald 33-26T
Emerald Lt 33-25T
Emerald Tint 37-1P
Empire Blue 28-10M
Empire Gold (77) 6-12D
Empurple 46-17M
English Grey (60) 43-23M
English Lilac 46-16M
English Mist 42-22M
Ermine Grey 44-3P
Ermine Grey Lt 44-2P
Essex Brown 48-27T
Ethereal Blue (109) 25-1P
Etruscan Red 16-24D
Eugenie 20-4M
Evening Mist 38-19P
Evening Star 1-9P
Evening Star Lt 1-8P
Eventide 45-21P
Eventide Lt 45-20P
Evergreen 35-17M
Exquisite Blue 25-16M
Fairy Green 40-3P
Fairy Green Lt 40-2P
Falling Leaves 42-32T
Falling Leaves Lt 42-31T
Fandango 25-5M
Fantasy 22-26T
Fascination 23-9P
Fascination Lt 23-8P
Fashion Green 37-23M
Fatsia 40-32T
Fatsia Lt 40-31T
Faunus Green 34-11M
Felicity 20-16M
Fennel Leaf 37-30T
Fennel Leaf Lt 37-29T
Festal 27-11M
Fidelity 21-10M
Fiesta Pink 17-6D
Fine Black 46-28T
Fire Pink (87) 15-18D
Fireball 11-28Y
Fireball Lt 11-27Y
Firecracker Lt 88
Fireside Yellow 7-9P
Fireside Yellow Lt 7-8P
Firmament 28-19P
Fjord Blue 28-6D
Flame Yellow 7-12D
Flax Blue 26-11M
Flaxen Gold 7-10M
Fleet Blue 28-29T
Fleur-de-lis 24-4M
Foliage Brown 52-11M
Forester Green 43-25T
Forrest 38-32T
Forrest Lt 38-31T
Fountain Green 35-21P
Fountain Green Lt 35-20P
Fragrant Cloud 8-7 P
French Green 43-4M
French Lilac 22-21P
French Lilac Lt (100) 22-20P
French Rose (93) 17-22M
Frisky Green 39-10M
Frog Green 40-26Y
Frog Green Lt 40-25Y
Frosted Coral 11-19P
Frosted Lilac 22-7P
Fuchsia 17-26R
Fuchsia Lt 17-25R
Furnace Black 46-32T
Gale Cloud 30-18D
Garbardine 24-30T
Garbardine Lt 24-29T
Garden Green 35-29T
Gardenia Green (64) 42-24D
Garnet Brown 16-32T
Garnet Brown Lt 16-31T
Gentian Violet 22-18D
Geranium Leaf 37-18D
Ginger Pink 10-23M
Gobi Tan 6-23M
Goblin Green 2-6D
Gold Pheasant 8-18D
Golden Aspen 6-6D
Golden Buff 6-17M
Golden Dawn 9-10M
Golden Dream 6-5M
Golden Eagle 6-18D
Golden Fern 39-24D
Golden Fields 5-4M
Golden Grey 42-18D
Golden Meadow 41-18D
Golden Sand 6-16M
Golden Tan 10-16M
Golden Vista 3-6Y
Golden White 7-7P
Golden Willow 41-12D
Goldenchain 6-4M
Goldstone 2-17M
Gown Blue 26-22M
Grace 21-16M
Grand Canyon Pink 14-19P
Grandee 14-18D
Graphite (48) 46-31T
Grecian Green 34-12D
Green Almond (70) 41-16M
Green Chartreuse 41-25T
Green Diamond 36-16M
Green Grotto 38-23M
Green Icing 39-9P
Green Icing Lt 39-8P
Green Lane 41-30T
Green Lane Lt 41-29T
Green Mantle 37-24D
Green Ravine 30-5M
Green River Mist 2-9P
Green River Mist Lt 50
Green Shaddow 31-32T
Green Shaddow Lt 31-31T
Green Shoot (68) 2-3P
Green Shoot Lt 2-2P
Green Splash 39-11M
Green Swirl 33-7P
Green Tea 47-28T
Green Tea Lt 47-27T
Greige 46-21P
Greige Lt (103) 46-20P
Gremlin Green 41-27T
Grey Birch 47-3P
Grey Birch Lt (43) 47-2P
Grey Hint 4-22M
Grey Squirrel (98) 47-5M
Grey Stone 44-30T
Grey Stone Lt 44-29T
Grey-Green 34-21P
Grey-Green Lt 34-20P
Greymore 44-5M
Gypsy 10-10M
Halation 44-10M
Happy Hour 15-23M
Hare 52-28T
Hare Lt 52-27T
Harvest Home 6-11M
Havana Brown 52-24D
Hazy Sky 34-13P
Heath 20-18D
Heather Blue 25-13P
Heather Cloud 16-15P
Heather Cloud Lt 16-14P
Hepatica 23-15P
Hepatica Lt 23-14P
Hide 2-32T
Hide Lt. 2-31T
High Spirit 28-5M
Hillcrest 43-6D
Horizon Grey (55) 43-13P
Hot Pink 16-12D
Humoresque 41-5M
Hurling Green 43-28T
Hyacinth Blue 24-5M
Ice Cascade 44-1P
Ice Crystal 40-19P
Iceberg 26-19P
Imperial Ivory 5-1P
Imperial Purple 22-25T
Imperial Rose 18-4M
Independence 24-18D
Indian Blue 29-10M
Indian Chief 10-6D
Indian Ivory 8-15P
Indian Ivory Lt 8-14P
Indigo Blue (120) 45-31T
Indigo White 27-1P
Inkwood (86) 14-22M
Iris Velvet 23-11M
Irisglow 19-22M
Irish Green 36-18D
Irish Setter 9-18D
Iron Duke 14-23M
Iron-Grey 46-23M
Ivory Black 44-25T
Ivory Sand (6) 6-13P
Ivory Yellow 3-13P
Jade Grey 42-17M
Jamaica 8-12D
Jasmine Leaf 34-28T
Jasmine Leaf Lt 34-27T
Jericho Rose 16-16M
Jollity 19-26T
Joy 18-30T
Joy Lt 18-29T
Jubilee Green 37-4M
July Blue 26-28T
July Blue Lt 26-27T
Jungle Palm 4-6D
Kabul Yellow 1-28Y
Kabul Yellow Lt 1-27Y
Kent Grey (105) 44-4M
Kingly Grey (101) 20-22M
King's Blue 25-26T
King's Blue Lt 25-25T
King's Ransom 7-6D
Kismit 21-18D
Lady Lilac 21-3P
Lady Lilac Lt 21-2P
Lady's-slipper 18-22M
Landmass 29-32T
Languid Lavender 22-9P
Languid Lavender Lt 22-8P
Late Night Black 45-32T
Laurel 2-26T
Laurel Leaf 35-32T
Laurel Leaf Lt 35-31T
Laurel Lt 2-25T
Lavender Lave 21-17M
Lavender Mist 20-13P
Lavender Pink 21-1P
Lavender Princess 21-13P
Lavender White 22-1P
Leather Jacket 48-28T
Lemon 1-10M
Lemon Spice 3-5M
Lemon Tint 1-7P
Lemon Whip 6-1P
Liberty Gold 3-28Y
Liberty Gold Lt 3-27Y
Light Almond Green 41-15P
Light Almond Green Lt 41-14P
Light Amethyst 19-15P
Light Amethyst Lt 19-14P
Light Buckskin (16) 5-16M
Light Dutch Blue 26-7P
Light Maize 6-10M
Light Rose (91) 49-3P
Light Rose Lt 49-3P
Lilac 21-4M
Lilac Brown 48-22M
Lilac Dawn 21-19P
Lilac Hint 23-1P
Lilac Shadow (107) 46-11M
Lime Cloud 2-5M
Lime Froth 1-16M
Lime Kiss 41-1P
Lime Twist 1-17M
Limeade 41-7P
Limelight (71) 1-23M
Lincoln Green 42-6D
Linen 1-3P
Linen Lt 1-2P
Little Cherub 6-3P
Little Cherub Lt 6-2P
Livery 20-12D
Logan Berry 21-30T
Logan Berry Lt 21-29T
London Grey 44-22M
Lotus Pink 9-9P
Lotus Pink Lt 9-8P
Lt Honey Gold 5-25Y
Lupine Blue 26-4M
Lush Pink 16-11M
Luxor 26-25T
Madcap Pink 15-22M
Magnolia Purple 19-5M
Maiden's Blush 14-15P
Maiden's Blush Lt 14-14P
Majestic Orchid 19-4M
Malay Tan 5-24D
Mallow Rose 17-10M
Maltese Grey 45-11M
Mandarin Blue 25-6D
Mandrake 22-11M
Manhattan 25-32T
Manhattan Lt 25-31T
Manilla Beige (32) 5-19P
Maple Sugar (12) 5-17M
Marble White (1) 7-13P
Marshland 34-18D
Marshmallow Snow (13) 5-13P
Matador Red 19-25T
Matterhorn (19) 2-19P
Mauvette 19-13P
May Blossom 13-9P
May Blossom Lt 13-8P
Mayan Green 41-6D
Mayfair Green 35-23M
Mayflower 23-16M
Mead Green 35-22M
Meadow Violet 20-25T
Mellow Gold 5-3P
Mellow Gold Lt 5-2P
Mellow Olive 2-22M
Mercury 44-9P
Mercury Lt 44-8P
Mermaid Green 37-21P
Mermaid Green Lt 37-20P
Mesa Red 14-24D
Mesa Tan 5-23M
Metropolitan 7-15P
Metropolitan Lt (2) 7-14P
Mexican Tan 8-23M
Mexicana 9-24D
Miami 49-16M
Middy Blue 25-12D
Midget Orchid 20-1P
Midnight Blue 26-24D
Midnight Green 43-30T
Midnight Green Lt 43-29T
Mikado 21-6D
Mimosa Yellow 1-12D
Ming Gold (76) 5-5M
Minnetonka Green 38-18D
Mint Haze 37-15P
Mint Haze Lt 37-14P
Mint Ice 36-13P
Mission Blue 27-13P
Mission Grey 42-7P
Mission White 5-15P
Mission White Lt (14) 5-14P
Mistflower 23-13P
Misty Gold 3-11M
Misty Mauve 19-19P
Misty Mint (67) 38-1P
Misty Orchid 22-13P
Misty Pink 49-15P
Misty Pink Lt 49-14P
Mocha Rose 17-12D
Modern Khaki 2-30T
Modern Khaki Lt 2-29T
Mohican 52-23M
Monterey Blue 24-16M
Moonlight Blue 45-13P
Moonlit Green 1-15P
Moonlit Green Lt 1-14P
Moonrise 46-15P
Moonrise Lt 46-14P
Moonsprite 6-7P
Morning Dew 4-21P
Morning Dew Lt 4-20P
Morocco Red 14-32T
Morocco Red Lt 14-31T
Moselle 4-1P
Mosque Blue 29-24D
Moss Phlox 18-15P
Moss Phlox Lt 18-14P
Moss Tone (51) 4-23M
Mountain Blue 45-18D
Mountain Dell 43-27T
Mountain Greenery 38-6D
Mountain Haze 20-23M
Mudstone (53) 4-11M
Muscovy 44-26T
Mushroom Beige 51-22M
Mushroom Grey Lt ( 30) 47-20P
Mustard Seed 2-16M
Mustard Tan 4-5M
Mystic Rose 49-13P
Naiad Green 34-19P
Narrowboat 19-32T
Nassau Green 37-19P
National Blue 26-18D
Nautilus 43-10M
Neutral (22) 4-9P
Neutral Lt (20) 4-8P
New Brown 52-30T
New Brown Lt 52-29T
New Daffodil 3-4M
New Green 40-1P
New Lime 41-10M
New Silver (44) 44-19P
New Wheat 7-16M
Night Mist 42-21P
Night Mist Lt 42-20P
Nightime 23-30T
Nightime Lt 23-29T
Nightshade 45-10M
Nocturne Blue 28-24D
Normandy 4-26T
Normandy Lt 4-25T
Norse Green 33-28T
Norse Green Lt 33-27T
Northen Pine 38-30T
Northern Pine Lt 38-29T
Nottingham Green 39-32T
Nottingham Green Lt 39-31T
Nubian Brown 48-24D
Nutbrown 51-28T
Nutbrown Lt 51-27T
Nutria 48-11M
Ocean Grey 44-21P
Ocean Grey Lt 44-20P
Ocean Sand 51-9P
Ocean Sand Lt 51-8P
Ocean Spirit 27-30T
Ocean Spirit Lt 27-29T
Ocean Spray Lt (115) 43-14P
Ocean Spray 43-15P
Ocean Sunset 11-21P
Ocean Sunset Lt 11-20P
Ochre 7-32T
Ocre Lt 7-31T
October Frost 43-1P
October Glo 7-28Y
Ohio 42-26T
Ohio Lt 42-25T
Old Burgundy 49-30T
Old Burgundy Lt 49-29T
Old Coral 13-24D
Old Glory 25-17M
Old Ivory 7-21P
Old Ivory Lt (4) 7-20P
Old Leaf 42-30T
Old Leaf Lt 42-29T
Old Wine (95) 17-24D
Ole Orange 13-28T
Ole Orange Lt 13-27T
Olive Glow 2-13P
Olive Mist 41-9P
Olive Mist Lt 41-8P
Olive Yellow 3-16M
Olivette (72) 2-11M
Olivine 39-12D
Opal 24-21P
Opal Grey 46-13P
Opal Lt 24-20P
Operetta 11-16M
Oracle 21-5M
Orange Aurora 9-22M
Orange Bud 9-4M
Orange Buff 9-17M
Orange Chiffon 9-6D
Orange Glow 11-5M
Orange Rust 10-11M
Orchid 22-17M
Orchid Bouquet 23-7P
Orchid Cloud 20-3P
Orchid Cloud Lt 20-2P
Orchid Dew 21-7P
Orchid Gem 20-7P
Orchid Glow 22-19P
Orchid Grey 46-10M
Orchid Smoke (94) 19-23M
Orchid Veil 20-19P
Oregon Grape 45-24D
Oriental Pearl (56) 42-13P
Oriole Orange 8-25Y
Orleans Green 43-3P
Orleans Green Lt 43-2P
Oxtail 51-32T
Oxtail Lt 51-31T
Oyster White (23) 4-15P
Oyster White Lt (21) 4-14P
Pagoda Blue 31-24D
Palace Grey 43-22M
Pale Leaf (69) 2-4M
Pale Olive 3-23M
Pale Parchment (10) 5-9P
Pale Parchment LT (9) 5-8P
Pale Star 29-19P
Pale Thistle 22-15P
Pale Thistle Lt 22-14P
Pale Violet 24-7P
Pale Willow 2-1P
Palmleaf 42-4M
Palmyra 2-24D
Pansy Violet 23-4M
Pantomime 25-28T
Pantomime Lt 25-27T
Paprika 10-32T
Paprika Lt (84) 10-32T
Paprika Pink 10-5M
Paris Green 37-6D
Park Green 38-16M
Patio Blue 24-23M
Pawnee 52-17M
Peach Amber 12-22M
Peach Bisque 8-19P
Peach Fuzz 10-4M
Peach Tan 10-3P
Peach Tan Lt 10-2P
Peach Whisper 9-16M
Peachy Pink 9-3P
Peachy Pink Lt 9-2P
Peacock Green 33-6D
Pearl Grey 23-21P
Pearl Grey Lt 23-20P
Pencil Blue 26-6D
Penuche 7-18D
Peony Pink (92) 17-7P
Pepper 4-32T
Pepper Lt 4-31T
Peppercorn 44-18D
Peppermint Pink 17-19P
Perse Blue 27-18D
Petite Orange 12-5M
Pheasant's Feather 2-23M
Pilgrim 23-24D
Pinetone 43-12D
Piney Woods 34-29T
Piney Woods Dk 34-30T
Pink Allure 16-22P
Pink Allure Lt 16-21P
Pink Aster 17-4M
Pink Azalea 15-16M
Pink Bouquet 18-9P
Pink Bouquet Lt 18-8P
Pink Calico 11-15P
Pink Calico Lt 11-14P
Pink Charm 18-1P
Pink Magnolia 17-11M
Pink Marble 9-15P
Pink Marble Lt 9-14P
Pink Rapture 18-17M
Pink Smoke 48-9P
Pink Smoke Lt 48-8P
Pink Whip 12-15P
Pink Whip Lt 12-14P
Pippin 9-32T
Pippin Lt 9-31T
Pirate Gold (78) 5-6D
Pistache 39-23M
Pixie Gold 7-3P
Pixie Gold Lt 7-2P
Plantain Lily 27-5M
Platinum Rose 17-13P
Plum 20-6D
Plum Stone 14-30T
Plum Stone Lt 14-29T
Plum Tint 21-22M
Polar Blue 29-21P
Polar Blue Lt 29-20P
Polar Mist 2-7P
Polar Sky 29-9P
Polar SkyLt 29-8P
Polstead Green 37-32T
Polynesian Sunset 11-6Y
Pomona Green 36-15P
Pomona Green Lt 36-14P
Pontiff 23-17M
Port Arthur Blue 29-12D
Powder Dust 9-21P
Powder Dust Lt 9-20P
Powder Rose 10-7P
Prairie Green 42-3P
Prairie Green Lt 42-2P
Prestige Blue 26-23M
Princess Blue 24-28T
Princess Blue Lt 24-27T
Priscilla Blue 29-22M
Promise Green 40-22M
Prussian Grey 23-31T
Puff Green 40-21P
Puff Green Lt 40-20P
Puritan Beige 10-13P
Purity 28-3P
Purity Lt 28-2P
Purple Aster 19-1P
Purple Dahlia 19-6D
Purple Grackle 46-6D
Purple Lagoon 18-24D
Purple Petal 23-10M
Purple Shadow 22-23M
Purple Sky 24-9P
Purple Sky Lt 24-8P
Quaker Drab 46-5M
Quaker Maid 46-9P
Quaker Maid Lt 46-8P
Quartz 33-3P
Quartz Lt 33-2P
Queen Anne Green 38-3P
Queen Anne Green Lt (61) 38-3P
Queen Olive 2-28T
Queen Olive Lt 2-27T
Quiet Green 38-4M
Quill Grey (45) 47-10M
Rain Cloud 43-21P
Rain Cloud Lt 43-20P
Rain Mist 42-9P
Rain Mist Lt 42-8P
Rainbow Green 39-7P
Rainbow Mist 51-7P
Rajah 23-6D
Raspberry Cream 19-3P
Raspberry Cream Lt 19-2P
Red Sails 13-22M
Regatta 24-17M
Remembrance 28-16M
Revere Silver 43-19P
Reynard Red 49-18D
Rill 33-22M
Rillet 34-15P
Rillet Lt 34-14P
Ripe Olive 42-27T
Robin Red 16-18D
Roguish Green 35-19P
Rolled Steel 27-32T
Rose Ash 19-21P
Rose Ash Lt 19-20P
Rose Brick 19-24D
Rose Brown 20-29T
Rose Bud 18-3P
Rose Bud Lt 18-2P
Rose Buff 8-10M
Rose Fluff 12-21P
Rose Fluff Lt 12-20P
Rose Geranium 17-17M
Rose Grey 48-21P
Rose Grey Lt 48-20P
Rose Quartz 15-13P
Rose Tint 16-19P
Rose Whisper 14-13P
Rosefrost 51-19P
Rose-of-Sharon 17-5M
Rosy Pink 13-19P
Rosy White 12-13P
Royal Blue 27-6D
Royal Violet 22-12D
Russet 13-32T
Russet Lime 3-24D
Russet Lt 13-31T
Russet Orange 12-29T
Russet Orange Dk 12-30T
Rust Tan 12-23M
Sage Grey (58) 42-16M
Sahara Twilight 26-12D
Salem Red 19-31T
Sand Tan (34) 52-21P
Sand Tan Lt (33) 52-20P
Sandstone 12-32T
Sandstone Lt 12-31T
Sangaree 17-23M
Sapphire Blue 27-4M
Scotch Grey (117) 43-16M
Sea Blue 29-31T
Sea Green 30-25T
Sea Pearl 8-13P
Sea Wall 41-22M
Seacliff 43-17M
Seance Blue 28-17M
Secret Sapphire 23-28T
Secret Sapphire Lt 23-27T
Seduction 15-32T
Seduction Lt 15-31T
Sedum Green 43-5M
Seedling 1-21P
Seedling Lt 1-20P
Seminole 48-10M
Serenata 10-1P
Shaded Brook 34-9P
Shaded Brook Lt 34-8P
Sheer Green 39-19P
Shepherdess 21-12D
Sherwood Green 35-18D
Shimmering Sand 52-19P
Shy Violet 24-1P
Sierra Rose 49-5M
Sierra Sunset 7-11M
Silver Dust (38) 47-19P
Silver Fern 34-17M
Silver Leaf 39-21P
Silver Leaf Lt 39-20P
Silver Lilac 48-3P
Silver Lilac Lt 48-2P
Silver Lining 43-9P
Silver Lining Lt 43-8P
Silver Sage 42-5M
Silver Shadow 42-19P
Silver Sky 23-19P
Silver Turquoise 30-3P
Silver Turquoise Lt 30-2P
Silver Wing 44-7P
Silverflake (7) 47-7P
Skipper Blue 26-32T
Skipper Blue Lt 26-31T
Sky Grey 44-13P
Skyline Pink 9-7P
Slate Blue 28-32T
Slate Blue Lt 28-31T
Smoke Beige 52-15P
Smoke Beige Lt 52-14P
Smoke Puff 48-1P
Smoke Ring 43-7P
Smokescreen 45-22M
Smoketree 46-3P
Smoketree Lt 46-2P
Smoky Blue 31-21P
Smoky Blue Lt 31-20P
Smoky Lime 2-10M
Snow Pink 49-1P
Snow White 13-7P
Snowy Peach 8-9P
Snowy Peach Lt 8-8P
Soft Ivory 5-7P
Soft Ivory Lt
Sonora 8-22M
Sorcery 16-23M
Sovereign 18-31T
Spa Green 37-22M
Spanish Brown 48-31T
Spanish Green 35-24D
Spanish Yellow 8-6Y
Sparkle Blue 26-1P
Sparkle Green 33-10M
Spice Brown 51-12D
Spice Tan 5-18D
Spicy Green 40-6D
Spinach Green 38-24D
Sprig Green 40-23M
Spring Beauty 18-11M
Springtime 41-3P
Springtime Lt 41-2P
Sprite Blue 24-19P
Spritely Green 40-5M
Stained Glass 28-4M
Starlight Black 45-28T
Starlight Black Lt 45-27T
Starling (40) 48-5M
Steel Grey 44-16M
Stem 1-32Y
Stem Lt 1-31Y
Stormy Sky 44-11M
Stratus 2-21P
Stratus Lt 2-20P
Straw Yellow 3-10M
Strawberry Pink 16-10M
Streamlet 34-22M
Stucco Pink 10-21P
Stucco Pink Lt 10-20P
Sudan Tan 10-9P
Sudan Tan Lt 10-8P
Sugar Plum 19-30T
Sugar Plum Lt 19-29T
Sumatra Green 4-24D
Summer Blue 27-19P
Summer Rose 18-6D
Summer Tan 10-15P
Summer Tan Lt 10-14P
Sun Brown 52-12D
Sun Buff 8-21P
Sun Buff Lt 8-20P
Sundown Orange 12-6D
Sunny Green 40-4M
Sunny White 3-19P
Sunstone 9-30T
Sunstone Lt 9-29T
Sunstone Pink 11-9P
Sunstone Pink Lt 11-8P
Sutters Gold 8-5M
Sweet Apricot 12-1P
Sweet Blue 26-3P
Sweet Blue Lt 26-2P
Sweet Lady 23-3P
Sweet Lady Lt 23-2P
Sweet Orange 11-10M
Sweetheart Pink 17-15P
Sweetheart Pink Lt 17-14P
Swinging Blue 25-10M
Swiss Blue 25-4M
Tabby Grey 46-22M
Taffeta Blue 27-15P
Taffeta Blue Lt 27-14P
Taffy Tint 6-15P
Taffy Tint Lt 6-14P
Tahitian Gold 7-24D
Tam-o'-shanter 40-24D
Tang Green 41-4M
Tawny Desert 5-11M
Tawny Gold 6-32T
Tawny Gold Lt 6-31T
Tea Party 20-15P
Tea Party Lt 20-14P
Tea Rose 13-10M
Teal Blue 28-26T
Teal Blue Lt 28-25T
Tepee 51-23M
Terrapot 11-30T
Terrapot Lt 11-29T
Thai Purple 20-26T
Thistle Bloom 19-17M
Thunder Blue 45-12D
Thundercloud 44-12D
Timberline 43-18D
Topaz 6-9P
Topaz Lt 6-8P
Townhouse 30-26T
Trade Winds 31-22M
Trail Green 38-22M
Tranquility 38-5M
Transparent Green 38-13P
Trinidad 20-24D
Troll Green 34-10M
Tropic Lagoon 33-12D
Tropical Island 35-15P
Tropical Island Lt 35-14P
Tropical Leaf 37-26T
Tropical Leaf Lt 37-25T
True Blue 27-17M
Tudor Blue 30-16M
Tundra 4-12D
Turkish Blue (114) 45-23M
Turquoise 33-5M
Turquoise Blue 29-23M
Turquoise White 33-1P
Turtledove 47-4M
Turtledove 97
Tuscan 7-23M
Tuscan Pink 48-7P
Twig 48-23M
Twilight Blue 25-19P
Twilight Sun 1-13P
Twinkling Star 7-1P
Tyroclean Green Lt 38-25T
Tyrolean Green 38-26T
Undercover 3-32T
Undercover Lt 3-31T
Utopia Blue 28-22M
Valiant Orange 13-12D
Velvet Night 23-12D
Venetian Pink 18-10M
Verdant Mist 41-19P
Victory Tan (81) 10-17M
Viking Blue 27-12D
Vineyard (65) 43-24D
Violet Film 21-9P
Violet Film Lt 21-8P
Violet Grey 24-22M
Violet Haze 20-21P
Violet HazeLt 20-20P
Violet Red 21-23M
Viridescent 33-19P
Vivid Violet 24-12D
Walnut Cream 8-3P
Walnut Cream Lt 8-2P
Wanting Green 34-32T
Wanting Green Lt 34-31T
Warm Bark 6-30T
Warm Bark Lt 6-29T
Warm Tan 8-11M
Water Sprite 35-13P
Wellfleet Blue 25-24D
Westminster (46) 47-11M
Whimsical Blue 31-19P
White Knight 8-1P
White Cloud 1-1P
White Moon 3-1P
White Pine 41-13P
Whitsun Blue 27-26T
Wicker Tan 52-22M
Wild Carrot 9-26Y
Wild Carrot Lt 9-25Y
Wild Plum 18-28T
Wild Plum Lt (96) 18-27T
Wild Violet 21-28T
Wild Violet Lt 21-27T
Wildblue 25-11M
Wildflower 13-11M
Will-o'-the-wisp 34-7P
Willow Vale 39-22M
Winchester Green 36-30T
Winchester Green Lt 36-29T
Window Blue 28-15P
Window Blue Lt 28-14P
Windward Blue 27-31T
Wine Yellow 3-15P
Wine Yellow Lt 3-14P
Winter Moon 1-19P
Winter Pansy 22-30T
Winter Pansy Lt 22-29T
Winter White (25) 4-19P
Winter Yellow 4-4M
Wisteria Mist 46-7P
Wistful Blue 30-13P
Withered Rose 51-10M
Wonderland 8-16M
Wood Hyacinth 24-11M
Woodland Pool 43-11M
Woodland Shadow 34-24D
Woodlet 52-16M
Wortle 20-32T
Wortle Lt (102) 20-31T
Wreath Green 33-24D
Wren 49-25T
Yacht Blue 25-30T
Yacht Blue Lt 25-29T
Yellow Birch (17) 5-21P
Yellow Birch Lt (15) 5-20P
Yellow Clay 7-17M
Yellow Daisy 1-11M
Yellow Jewel 3-7P
Yellow Reed 1-22M
Yellow Rice 1-4M
Yellow Stone 3-30T
Yellow Stone Lt 3-29T
Zaffer 29-11M
Zanzibar 49-26T
Zenith Blue 28-1P
Zest 33-4M
Zuchhini 41-32T
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